Congenial neighbours: Anatomie – Kunsthaus Brakl – GoethestraĂźe 54


Friday, May 03, 2024 —
Sunday, July 28, 2024

Max Littmann, Fassade der ANATOMIE mit den Apsiden des Präpariersaals 1905-07, Blick von der Pettenkoferstrasse 11 — Credits: Foto Anton Brandl
Entwurfsplan fĂĽr den Bau eines Wohnhauses in der GOETHESTRASSE 54, 1890, Carl Zeh (Architekt) und Heinrich Lehmkuhl (Bauunternehmer) — Credits: Foto Stadtarchiv MĂĽnchen
Emanuel von Seidl, Ehemaliges KUNSTHAUS BRAKL 1912-13, heute Medizinische Lesehalle LMU MĂĽnchen, Blick in die Kuppelhalle — Credits: Foto Sebastian Arlt

Under the title “Congenial Neighbours”, a presentation is dedicated to the important early modernist architecture in the immediate vicinity as well as Goethestrasse 54 itself. The exhibition shows design plans and photographs and paints a vivid picture of their creation and utilisation then and now.
Max Littmann’s New Anatomy at Pettenkoferstrasse 11 (built 1905-07) is one of Munich’s most important architectural monuments and one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in Germany. The former Kunsthaus Brakl by Emanuel von Seidl, which today serves as a medical reading room at Beethovenplatz 1, was built as an art shop by the former opera singer Josef Brakl in 1912-1913 and remodelled by Theodor Fischer in 1928. The property at GoethestraĂźe 54 is a place of eventful history and was planned from 1890 as an investor project and town house for three parties in the late historicist style. The building has been used for a wide variety of purposes by its tenants.

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