Maria VMier: „no: tongue breaks and thin fire is racing under skin“

Artists: Maria VMier

Museum Brandhorst

Tuesday, September 03, 2024 —
Sunday, September 15, 2024

Maria VMier, sigh, 2024 Fineliner, Postkarte Cy Twombly Museum Brandhorst, Krepp, Papier, ca. 10,5 x 20 cm — Credits: Maria VMier

Over the course of two weeks, a project by Maria VMier, an artist working between New York and Munich, will take place at Museum Brandhorst. Together with many companions, she interweaves research, texts and objects with a textile intervention. A tent-like structure that she created with the textile artist Evelyn Sitter will occupy the center of Cy Twombly’s Roses Gallery. In this symbolic space, VMier investigates the relationship of desire and power that exists between the institution and the marginalized local artist scene, as well as the possibilities of a community-building, erotic appropriation of the museum. The ancient Greek symposium serves as a symbol; a format of gathering and exchange which, like the museum, is subject to many mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. The title “no: tongue breaks and thin fire is racing under skin” is taken from a poem by Sappho, the most famous female poet of antiquity, translated by Anne Carson. In VMier’s intervention, Sappho is the host.

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Address: Museum Brandhorst
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