“Only we can de-rubble the world”

Artists: SPUR, Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem, Helmut Sturm, HP Zimmer, Asger Jorn, Antonio Saura, Pinot Gallizio, Judit Reigl

Pinakothek der Moderne

Friday, June 14, 2024 —
Sunday, September 08, 2024

Asger Jorn, Papiernase, 1956 Collage on paper, 53 x 39 cm van de Loo Foundation Photo: van de Loo Foundation — Credits: VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024

With the motto “Walk the Line”, the Sammlung Moderne Kunst is presenting six different exhibitions in six halls, which show artistic paths into abstraction in very different ways. Line, gesture and questions of material serve as creative starting points. Just how multifaceted these paths can be becomes apparent through selected positions from different areas of the collection and collaborations, which include painting and photography, drawing and sculpture: Tightrope walks that formally move between representationalism and abstraction and at the same time explore the critical potential of unadapted lines.
“The world can only be deconstructed by us.” The van de Loo Collection | SAAL 21
“The world can only be demolished by us”, proclaimed the Munich artists’ group SPUR in their 1958 manifesto. Rubble, ruins and gaping gaps between buildings were still present in the cityscape of the post-war years. With this statement, the SPUR group positioned itself against regressive structures and championed the potential of art as a motor for independent and liberal thinking. In 1957, the group was formed around Lothar Fischer, Heimrad Prem, Helmut Sturm and HP Zimmer. In the same year, Otto van de Loo (1924-2015) founded his gallery, in which he championed artists whose visual language stood for a playful moment, for provocative approaches directed against an aesthetic of smoothness. Alongside Asger Jorn, SPUR became an important position for the young gallery, whose programme also represented a European perspective with the Spanish artist Antonio Saura, the Italian Pinot Gallizio and the Hungarian Judit Reigl. Van de Loo sees a productive force in “counter-images to the visible world”, which he has communicated on various levels. In 1970, together with artists, he founded the van de Loo Children’s Forum, a unique institution for developing the creative potential of children and young people.
The exhibition honours Otto van de Loo on his 100th birthday. Based on works by important companions from his 40 years as a gallery owner, patron and collector, it brings to life his desire to promote art that focusses on the essence of human existence and thus the freedom of art as a driving force for an open society.

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Address: Pinakothek der Moderne
Barer Str. 40
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