Orhan Pamuk. The Consolation of Objects

Artists: Orhan Pamuk, Ali Kazma

Lenbachhaus MĂĽnchen

Friday, May 17, 2024 —
Sunday, October 13, 2024

Orhan Pamuk, The Empty House — Credits: Orhan Pamuk

In his novel “Museum of Innocence”, Orhan Pamuk tells a tragic love story in which the everyday objects of the story play a special role. He transposes these objects into the space of his “museum of innocence” in Istanbul, creating fictions that visitors can enter and immerse themselves in. In three-dimensional collages that, like cabinets of curiosity, unfold a world of their own, the power of things attains poetic immediacy. Forty cabinets from the Istanbul museum that Pamuk reconstructed for the traveling exhibition are on view in Munich. These collages are complemented by new works created especially for the exhibition in dialogue with the Lenbachhaus collection. Additional series of works, some of which have never been on public display, turn the spotlight on Pamuk’s visual art, a strand in his output that has remained largely unknown to general audiences. A selection from his paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks, and photographs offers very personal insights into his eclectic oeuvre.

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